10 inspirational women who are changing the world

1. Leah Jefferson, a Virginia woman who walks with her left leg when she gets off work because she was forced to for a lack of proper prosthetic.

2. Goh Thien Hua, who founded an organization in Vietnam that teaches women about financial literacy and developing small businesses.

3. Kalab Saneen, a community volunteer who works with youth homelessness in New York City.

4. Rehana Dardani, a champion of racial equality who works to fight anti-Muslim bigotry and teaches young girls about Islam and love.

5. Aleksandra Yegorova, who sells medical supplies across Europe to refugees and works with refugee families.

6. Susan Mendleson, who opened the Oregon Clinic, which provides free or low-cost primary care to underserved people in the state.

7. Megan Maddox-Hill, a mother who started a nonprofit that trains men and women to be able to self-determine when and when not to prescribe drugs.

8. Raymond Chen, a Vietnamese man who rebuilds homes in his community destroyed by the April 12 earthquake in Van Ba Tien.

9. Dan Rung, who started the Hanoi Film Festival to showcase the city’s vibrant film scene.

10. Le Yi, an entrepreneur who founded Unicef China for Children.

Story by Grace Na

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