A Man Who Hopes to Change the World

3:11PM ( EST)

The Q, $178 million at the box office.

Noteworthy fact is the growth of film ticket sales – there are over 812 million movie viewers in America. Yet our nation’s worst-selling book is our 2nd best-selling book. The right to self-publish is an option more and more authors are embracing. But unfortunately, millions are not getting the chance they have right now to achieve greatness on their own.

Read from a dictionary for definitions of the words ‘innocuous’ and ‘influential’ – the first would describe one or another movement or issue. The first would require devoted passion and alignment with goals, principles, and values. The second is the method to achieving results: it takes a minute, a lot of energy, and it can usually be reached in your life’s work. So, I ask you all: could this celebrity entertainer really bring millions of followers with him and lead your cause?

Though, to be fair, we know this entire report could not be more controversial. It would not be as controversial as the reality that millions of followers could depend on Q (a man who also owns thousands of his own company’s real estate) as their most influential leader and champion. As a result, I’m calling upon you all to reach your strongest conclusions before talking about this.

I’ll get back to you in a minute, but let’s find out.

What I’m waiting to see is if we will have opportunities to investigate this idea. Q’s stance with his mostly female, mostly younger, and mostly 80-something campaign supporters has quickly become very polarizing. We know that a great many women and many older women are potential readers for his book. So, let’s see if that demographic will begin paying attention to a book that includes instructions for reconnecting with families that have separated, and many that are no longer available.

Here are some specific examples, because I truly believe this needs investigation. If you own a vehicle on which you frequently need special care and maintenance, and you ask Q for recommendations, most times he’ll recommend a manufacturer. So, you may be more prone to buying a brand new car or truck. If I am, as I’ve said repeatedly, a firm believer in the power of real estate, then I tend to ignore the recommendations of different title and marketing companies. I’m not alone with this opinion. My point is this: If you meet with the star of a book about the power of positive thinking, how about you agree to the following:

Do you have the time (e.g., time to finish) to complete the book’s main chapters in 6 weeks?

You will also need to pay the typical submission fees that most authors do, and you might get an invoice for $20 to $30 from the publisher on the date of submission.

If you paid for a $70 book endorsed by a celebrity using Q’s course, then your next book can include the most expensive book ever published: $175.

Q explains that his philosophy, “Achieving Happiness Through Negative Energy,” might also have two gender chapters, three family chapters, six self-help chapters, and an energy chapter. And Q works with high-profile celebrities in movies, TV shows, and as spokespeople, so maybe he’s going to lead the way.

Because Q has an international network of many thousands of sales professionals who have actually had an experience with his course, perhaps it’s a positive and beneficial indicator. But, then again, maybe Q can get millions of his followers to adopt this philosophy for life. Or maybe he could work on that front as well.

A few final tips on my part:

The celebrity approach is not right for everyone. It’s not OK for people that may be in crisis. It is only right for those that have proven success in any field and in any company. If you agree to the “experience” element, then you’re more likely to get Q’s latest book.

Keep in mind, although Q has a lot of followers, those followers rarely have complete resources to go on with his book. For those with real company partners, especially in the middle- and upper-levels, you might find that the publication is not the only resource needed for taking on the big time of success – and of course, in all cases, the company should not be under the control of a man!

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