Former UN ambassador John Bolton joins CNN as full-time contributor

Hear John King’s exclusive reporting on former Sen. Bob Dole, Republican Party Chairman Reince Priebus and White House advisor Kellyanne Conway.

John King starts by previewing the service tomorrow for former Sen. Bob Dole, the “American Giant.”

Priebus: He was big. He was strong. He was a family man.

CNN political director Jeff Zeleny talks to former First Lady Michelle Obama about Dole’s friendship with her and President Obama, calling him “a wonderful partner in this administration and in our efforts.”

Elizabeth Dole, wife of the late senator, takes the stage to join her late husband’s friends and colleagues in remembering him.

Priebus: He was the most inclusive candidate ever. No one has met a man as kind, dedicated and knowledgeable.

CBO Director Mike McCaul, a Texas congressman, talks about the 50th anniversary of the Korean War.

Conyers: His life spoke loudly. He fought fiercely. He helped defeat Hitler. He fought fiercely.

Rep. Robin Kelly, D-Illinois, talks about what Dole’s legacy means to Democrats.

Ahead of the funeral, the senator’s casket will be transported from Kansas City to Washington. It’s being draped with the U.S. flag and draped with the flag of the country he loved.

Biden: He fought and bled and died with us — and he will always be a U.S. senator.

Congressman Dan Lipinski, D-Illinois, we can all be proud to have a member of Congress, so well-liked and admired and respected across the country.

Michigan Democratic Sen. Debbie Stabenow describes how Dole helped the now-Democratic state when he chaired the Democratic National Committee in the 1990s.

As they say, we’ll keep you posted.

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