Glenn Beck Fires Back At Sean Hannity For Criticizing His Reporting

Sean Hannity: The administration has bad policies that are leading to low poll numbers, Clinton Foundation scandals.

Glenn Beck: Did we at Fox News, did we fall asleep? Did we give up?

Hannity: This is about safety: OSHA has gone 12 years without a worker’s compensation bill.

Beck: Our watchdog in the White House is hiding under the desk all day doing nothing…That I hear Donald Trump!

Hannity: We’re asking [Obama] questions. He’s either trying to deceive us or he’s attempting to learn what is going on in the country.

Glenn Beck: I think that Trump has to be the adult in the room. His supporters for the most part love that.

Hannity: Should it be the other way around? Should we find out [from Trump] what’s going on?

Beck: We can give people solutions [instead of criticisms].

Hannity: What do you think about POTUS and Rand Paul?

Beck: We’re at war with Russia and our NSA also telling us the truth.

Hannity: The way to act is to take action.

Beck: Donald Trump won’t take action.

Hannity: I really wonder if Obama’s foreign policy is actually …bad.

Beck: Michael Flynn did him one favor and he fired him.

Hannity: Flynn did the right thing. But yet the media is ignoring all that? It can’t be forgotten.

Beck: We are trying to do research on this, but there’s no one trying to make things right. No one is making a war on ISIS, people are just focusing on the issues. They’re rumbling about history. They don’t get it.

Hannity: But what about the Clinton Foundation?

Beck: That is an issue and we have no idea if those documents are accurate.

Hannity: What about this Russia stuff?

Beck: We don’t know anything.

Hannity: And no one is uncovering it, right? We have some investigative journalism that is doing it…It’s just …wrong!

Beck: You’re a guest host, I’m not doing your job, so you don’t need to interrogate me.

Hannity: I need to get back to the news. We are so entitled.

Beck: I’m sorry, you’re arrogant because you’re the news!

Hannity: That’s what the news is doing. They’re not doing your job, you’re arrogant.

Beck: When something bad happens and CNN or MSNBC wants to make it worse, that’s why you keep listening.

Hannity: I’m here to do your job, man.

Beck: It’s not too late, Sean. It is too late!

Hannity: This week.

Beck: I guess we’ll see…

Hannity: I’ll tell you what, if what you’re saying proves to be right then I will not be a guest on your show again.

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