How to use your car to fight climate change

Joe Biden is in the news again. The former vice president this week issued a groundbreaking directive to federal agencies and federal agencies of their own to cut their dependence on oil by half and be completely powered by renewable energy within 40 years. He also directed them to use electric vehicles in “every district office and federal vehicle fleet.” He also directed that a federal agency will come up with a pilot of a rolling model of charging stations.

With a “four-point plan” that is both aspirational and aggressive, Biden lays out four smart steps federal agencies can take to cut oil dependence, energy costs, air pollution, and climate change: 1) reduce oil consumption, 2) develop low-carbon sources of energy, 3) shift to electric vehicles, and 4) better manage buildings and operations. The U.S. requires 1.23 million barrels of oil a day, in 2015, meaning that the power behind the plan for the federal government comes not from Venezuela, Russia, or Saudi Arabia, but from the successful revolution in American energy.

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