Joseph Biden makes the case for going it alone on climate change

“I think people are more effective fighting climate change when we go it alone. Not when we put it on the other side,” said former Vice President Joe Biden at Georgetown University on Sept. 20. “And so we’re doing exactly that. And my fellow Americans, please continue to get mad about it.”

Mr. Biden delivered an impassioned address to students and faculty at Georgetown as part of the university’s annual Climate and Global Justice symposium. And with that, he proceeded to sign an executive order that would put the United States on a path to becoming a carbon neutral nation by 2050.

He also participated in a tele-town hall in which he called on President Donald Trump to “step out of the way and work with us on this issue.” And lastly, Mr. Biden made an appearance on the Late Show With Stephen Colbert to discuss the new plan, which requires the United States to pursue a massive reduction in carbon emissions through a series of emissions reductions and shifts in energy policy.

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