Man crashes Thanksgiving dinner because he’s so close to his best friends

A British couple’s Thanksgiving dinner turned into a lifetime of memories thanks to a young man who crashed the meal with a not-so-thoughtful family member.

Eric Winstead told YourTango that he and his wife, Denise, live in the UK and enjoy Thanksgiving dinners with friends and family. This year, Eric’s mom decided to host a few of her female family members at their home for a small family affair, so the Winsteads accepted the invitation and showed up.

However, Eric quickly learned what was on the menu when a random woman — whom he later learned was the only other person at the table — left some “mad sauce” on the table without apologizing.

“It was just one of those moments,” Eric explained. “We weren’t having fun that night. It was quite nasty. We found our lips on the side of the table. I rushed to get my wife and took her away from the rest of the group to hide and I didn’t realise what I was doing because she looked at me like, ‘oh no you can’t do that.'”

Eric tried to get himself taken away, but he was stopped by a young woman who looked his mom in the eye and clearly was upset with her behavior.

“Her mum then literally [went] crazy,” he recalled. “She was shoving us out of the house and throwing food on our faces as we were coming away from it. So I was just like, this is the wrong moment to tell her that I want to kiss her!”

Eric took control of the situation and restrained the woman and forced her out of the house. That’s when he realized how many other friends and family were in the home.

“I told her to get away from my wife and started backing away trying to walk away,” he recalled. “Then the brother said, ‘Do you want to take me for a meal?’ so I just grabbed the gate of the gate and said, ‘I think you’ve been inside too long, go away.’ So we took a seat and said goodbye.”

Eric and his wife left with just one meal and a few memories, but the Internet’s love of the story has made it onto Reddit where people are sharing their own experiences of wacky behavior at family gatherings.

As for the woman, her name is Catherine and she reportedly was a female University of South Carolina student who reportedly was there because she hadn’t had Thanksgiving dinner with her family in 20 years.

If you’re a fan of wacky family antics and love eating healthy, Eric’s fun story might be for you.

“Eating Thanksgiving dinner is one of the best traditions that family have to pass on,” he concluded. “Have a nice dinner. Eat your stuffing. Have some pie. Life is too short.”

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