Norway spreads infected vegetables to thousands at Christmas party

Thirty one people confirmed with gastrointestinal infection in northern city of Trondheim

Norway’s health authority has confirmed that an outbreak of an infection that causes severe diarrhoea and vomiting had reached its peak.

Thirty-one people were reported infected with the Omicron-14 infection, which is connected to eating vegetables contaminated with Omicron-14 fungus, the authority said in a statement on Tuesday. Most of those infected had visited a Trondheim Christmas party in November, when they began experiencing symptoms.

The Omicron-14 infection is of “relatively low prevalence and naturally acquires a high virulence”, the authority added. Omicron-14, which forms in soil, bacteria and manure, is one of the two most frequent soil pathogens causing stomach infections.

Norway’s health authority and national consumer organisation coordinated an aggressive outbreak prevention and control program. The number of suspected cases is expected to decrease in the coming weeks, the authorities said.

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