POP QUIZ: Doug Ford: What will he bring to Ontario if he becomes premier?

It’s almost the 11th hour.

The drumbeat is growing louder of Doug Ford’s campaign fortunes on the rise. Elections expert Calandra Lui is suggesting an ascendant lead for Ford in his opinion piece “Doug Ford: Things are shaping up really well.”

So far, Ford has powered through more mud than a C-to-Z sticky tape factory, but none of it has seemed to matter. We’ve been seeing them swinging the winner’s bat for the last six weeks, and if May 7, 2019 is on the calendar, I think it’s time to tip the scales and recognize Ford for the rising threat he’s become to Ontario’s system of politics and government.

Donald Trump had a hard life, but when all is said and done, when the curtain is dropped on the last campaign of the century, Doug Ford has offered things to Ontarians people love – we love tradition and we love our country.

I see a tall, plump figure and I see a man with a bold plan and a deeply conservative values set.

Forget the elites of the left and right, Doug Ford has the populist, not-so-empty rhetoric people are looking for. And his quiet power has hit it out of the park.

People’s votes can’t always be counted on, but we’ve seen what’s coming. One of Doug Ford’s number one priorities is to put more power in the hands of the people of Ontario.

Since he’s entered the race, three times he’s said he’s going to change how the province does business. This is a man who will have people talking and working towards common goals. He will be for you no matter who or where you stand.

“Ford Nation,” as we’ve dubbed him, is growing up to be more than merely the support for a singular party. “Ford Nation” is a coalition of people who want to make their mark. People who want to, as he calls them, stick it to the establishment.

Make no mistake about it, Doug Ford is under attack from all sides, from anti-conservative political parties, from the interests of Ottawa, from environmental groups that oppose production in the Great Lakes, from social justice groups and environmentalists, and from the well-funded unions that may decide to raise a fuss.

But will the shenanigans of the powerful of Ottawa, the mincing of the miniscule, and the abuses of the rich and powerful leave a mark in our collective consciousness? Or will we forget all about Doug Ford and go back to being the same old Ontario that people have tried to keep quiet for so long.

For now, I think Doug Ford will become the next Premier of Ontario, and he will make a true mark on Canadian history, along with the two women he will bring into his cabinet, and the leader he will appoint as premier. It would be wise for us to prepare for life under this country’s first Progressive Conservative government for a generation.

• Tom Popper is a veteran journalist and commentator on all things political and industry. He is the president of Rennie Communications and was a Ford camp leader.

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