Shanghai’s glass-walled subway station will be moved

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Since 1989, the tiled facade of the Shanghai Huangpu High-Speed Railway station has been a part of the city’s architecture.

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Local media recently reported that the transportation hub located in the northwest of the city is being relocated.

The site of the proposed railway station in Kowloon’s southern district of Golden Mile will be rebuilt as the new Wangjing Mall after it was first suggested to the city’s planners in 1992, according to the state-run Shanghai Daily.

The new station is slated to open by 2028.

While the station was originally planned to make way for a metro station in the district, the layout of the project was altered following the collapse of the Asian financial crisis.

When it was remodeled to replace the original site, the station was moved from the northwest district of the city to the northwest district of Kowloon.

When Kowloon Capital Holdings first proposed moving the station to Kowloon, officials thought the relocation would make commuting around the country easier, according to the article by the state-run Shanghai Daily.

Chinese officials recently approved the relocation of the station due to limited room in the city’s existing road infrastructure and also because the main gateway was one of the busiest junction in the city, according to a press release from the Ministry of Public Transportation.

The tiled walls surrounding the station to the east and west and the northeastern side of the station to the northwest were dropped to include space for a car, pedestrians and bicycles.

According to Wuxi Construction Technology Co. Ltd., the company that is responsible for transforming the old site into a new structure, the construction of the new station is expected to begin in late 2018 and it is planned to be completed by 2024.

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