Songs for the next chapter of your creative journey

At this stage in the cycle, whenever you go through a major change in your life, it always creates anticipation. Even though there may be ups and downs along the way, it’s hard not to be excited and hopeful for the new start. If you’re waiting for your next creative release to make you do a little “chills and shivers” running through your body, here’s a playlist for you to make the wait go by a little faster.

Kehlani: SweetSexySavage

This song has been a major fan favourite to accompany the very snarky portrayal of Kehlani on Black Mirror’s USS Callister episode, but one listener’s love for this track has resulted in the singer releasing SweetSexySavage as a full album. Since that release, she’s expanded it with in-the-moment poetry delivered in Kehlani’s signature fashion of jazz style samples and ditched-some-of-the-blurred lines, but, in our opinion, she holds the integrity of her own lyrics. It’s a total come-hither dance track that will make you burn the midnight oil if you’re the type of person who like shaking it to the dark beats.

V-Nasty: Shorty by the Bay

V-Nasty is the Punjabi frontman of the Sangham! Dum Majh

The Punjabi-American musician and frontman of the Sangham! Dum Majh is responsible for six releases, one of which being Shorty by the Bay, so there’s a certain expectation of what we’ll get from his music, but once again, he’s broken new ground and established himself in a style rarely shown in his genre. Not only is the song one of those you can dance to while simultaneously gripping your spoon and eating a cracker, it’s made with minimal production and lacks the usual trappings of music at this stage in the cycle, which might be why it reached number 24 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Flume: Powderfinger by the Bay

With all the success from his last LP of the same name, Flume’s powers of performance have gone beyond being a DJ. Just after US rapper Travis Scott’s Today I Die drops this week, Flume is releasing a song which could resonate with fans of the Kanye West and The Weeknd “trap”, or, more simply, the hip-hop/R&B sound. This track, which you can skip to the end if you’re still feeling it, brings together two pop songs, Powderfinger by the Bay by Flume and Powderfinger by Schoolboy Q, in the same chorus and follows the dance floor-friendly sampling of Pete Nickerson’s beat. It’s another reason to chill out if you’re anxious about what 2019 will bring.

Kurt Vile: In a Heartbeat

Kurt Vile: In a Heartbeat. Photograph: PR

Vile’s sixth studio album, A Deeper Understanding, includes collaborations with more genres than he’s ever had before. It’s a move which doesn’t sit well with some of his established fans (none of whom are his high school buddies) but, for fans who are still rolling with the masters, it’s a welcome option. Like any other Vile album, In a Heartbeat finds him very much in control, making the tunes slightly more introspective than usual, but also undoubtedly poignant. Plus, who doesn’t want to hear him sing?

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