The 7 Best Secret Superheroes of 2018

At first, Simon Rex hated the adult-film industry. His first job out of film school was as a stripper in his hometown of Tampa, Fla. He hated it so much that, even now, he never watches porn as part of his job. He hated it because he didn’t make enough money — but he was lured into the industry anyway because he was so desperate to find more work. Then he got a job in the industry by sleeping his way into it, a little boy with open secrets and a crappy secret. It wasn’t long before he was making even less money, but he was still doing what he loved — until that one day he had an epiphany.

Actually, what made him realize that he didn’t have to love the adult-film industry anymore was that he had had such a wonderful experience with it at the time. After watching a porno, even if it’s a bad one, he decided that “you can still go home with that night with a great experience.” And so, he quit. He walked out of that agent’s office, didn’t have a choice. He quit. The one non-horror movie he has made to date, based on a comic book, had never been a hit at the box office, and he had no interest in trying another porno movie to make some extra money.

His story is much more than just the outcome of a long, hard slog in the sex industry. It’s about a life on the cusp between childhood and adulthood — made up of the friendships and mistakes of youth that have barely aged, and the life’s lessons that have matured them.

The superhero comic Simon Rex has fought more than a dozen times was meant to be the first comic book that was written and drawn and published simultaneously, rather than just one for one comic retailer. As the first transgender superhero, it is taken as a sign of progress. But beyond the progress of Simon’s writing and artwork, it is his portrayal of his sexuality that just blows our minds. Though he is one of his creators’ real-life boyfriends, Simon Rex is a trans man in a world without laws that protect the trans community. And yet his character is a male protagonist, and yet he is heterosexual.

So, here is our list of superhero surprises!

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