The beauty of Burt’s Bees, Supernova Maxx and a new facialist, among other things

Travel has not only allowed me to travel the world, but to meet a ton of amazing people. You tend to bond with locals, and the beauty people often tend to be based in cities that you’ve visited or know well. I’ve developed quite a bond with my skin care photographer, Stacey Mendelson, who is based in Santiago, Chile. It was really great to connect with her and learn more about the beauty industry in my host country. The last time we met she was blown away by the products I discovered and asked if she could send over her exclusive collection. I learned that the products are just a portion of what she sells; she’s a true superstore for anyone who needs affordable but high-quality luxury skin care. I started traveling at 17, and I’ve never worked anywhere else. Traveling every year is so addictive!

I’m in love with Burt’s Bees microbe-powered cleanser. There are still moments where I get nervous before my next product washes out, but not anymore, because I know that I’ll be treated with the care and concern that the people at Burt’s Bees provided me for over 20 years.

Okaaay! I’m like a five-year-old girl when it comes to Ellie’s Organics. I have their cleanser with lavender and basil that I use for everyday. I’ve never had a shower smell as good as this before.

People think that the scents of Burt’s Bees products are so similar to a Burt’s Bees shower gel or body wash, but the scents you can really smell in each are completely different. I use the all-natural Sulphur Runiefre and Shamela Lava and Salt Scents. They have the most potent and interesting scent ever. The other day I was doing a makeup tutorial for an article for the site and I spotted an eucalyptus oil that they gave me in my Burt’s Bees bath. I dabbed a spritz on my lips while we were having fun at a beach party, and the whole beach was instantly covered in eucalyptus scent.

I love my Giorgio Armani makeup bag, but it’s a bit too much to take everywhere. I’ll take it to events and just hang it on the dresser to go to sleep or to the bathroom to do touch-ups.

At parties or when out for drinks and dinner in a new place, I’m always leery to try new facialist or brands that are new. One of my biggest beauty pet peeves is seeing someone change how they look, and then finding out that the new ingredient that made them look different is the same ingredient that my all-time favorite facialist uses. But because people are always experimenting, I have been lucky to meet so many amazing beauty entrepreneurs. Now I can recommend my favorite face masks and other products that have changed my life.

Every time I travel to different countries, I still crave the exotic scent of Maui. It makes me wonder how they spend such long vacations in gorgeous places and not plan ahead!

Light smells sexy, and it’s great when you’re getting ready in the morning and aren’t feeling particularly fancy. After being on the road for a while, I rarely even apply foundation; what I really love about lip gloss is that it gives off a light orangey-pink tone. I find it makes my skin look porcelain-like. To lighten my skin tone, I’ll use a lightweight primer, but I really use my eye-liner to brighten my eyes. I always forget to make my eyeliner last!

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