The Tectonic dance program brings Earth, air and solar system ballets to New York City

With “Sagittarius, Meet Capricorn,” the science fiction ballet created by Rodney Diverlus, the poetic characteristics of the pairings of stars that headline his kinetic work, particularly solar and planetary alignments, aligns perfectly with astrology. And, as part of the Totality dance program curated by festival director Alan Patron, Diverlus has added a stunning special effect — the northern lights. This event — part of the “The North” program this weekend in conjunction with Dr. Seuss’s birthday — will last up to two hours, he told Times of India.

This piece he called an exploration of “one’s inner-self and the way we would enter the universe, into the unknown.” It has been co-commissioned by the Dance Theatre of Harlem’s Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater and made possible through financial support from the Women’s Jewish Fund.

The North’s roster of performers includes Tiler Peck, reprising her New York City Ballet role as Gretchen; Alicia Ailey and Prince Byrd, who perform last year’s Zona Massage Project piece for American Ballet Theatre, His Hand; Clara Murphy, as Vertere; Chastity Burleson as Libra; Tonya Boyd-Cannon as Scorpio; Laurisa Stringfellow as Zodiac; Jaye Michelle Harris as SAGNET, and Stella Nunez and Leonardo Ortiz, who both play the Hogfather. They will be joined by Matthew Rodriguez, who recently received a Tony Award nomination for producing co-written by the women of the group, whose songs are performed by the choreographers.

Diverlus, whose dance is an exploration of “one’s inner-self and the way we would enter the universe, into the unknown,” told Times of India that Capricorn is more human-centric than Sagittarius, with a more evolved mentality, but also a volatility and a need for approval.

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