US creates ‘UFO task force’ to investigate UFOs

Written by Maria Eltagouri, CNN

The Pentagon is reportedly creating a new “UFO task force” that will look into reports of unidentified flying objects in the skies of the United States.

A Defense Department spokesperson has since confirmed the program, but did not comment on specific details.

“This task force will explore and gather information on the activity, patterns and trends of UAS sightings across the United States and also look at outbound UAS activities as well as malicious UAS activity,” Pentagon spokesman Lt. Col. Jamie Davis told CNN, referring to unmanned aerial vehicles.

The task force, he added, will meet “to discuss and generate facts about unidentified aerial objects in US airspace, to identify anomalies, and gather information and reports about UAS sightings,” Davis added.

There are no specific job titles associated with the new force.

The new task force is not the first time the US military has sought to prove the existence of extraterrestrial life. In 1996, the Navy officially closed its UFO “task force,” known as the Project Blue Book, after seven decades of asking “the issue at hand” and multiple investigations.

The task force conducted 7,000 investigations, said Navy Secretary Ray Mabus at the time.

US Navy retired Rear Adm. Barry Gibson who served as the program’s executive director during his tenure said the program uncovered no conclusive evidence of intelligent extraterrestrial life on Earth.

“We followed in the footsteps of Wilkins and a few other distinguished naval explorers, but we ended up being more like Snakes on a Plane,” he said in 2007.

“We focused on finding explanations and closing up shop.”

Elaborate cover-up

Some skeptics have also slammed the creation of the new task force, stating that these types of reports should instead be investigated independently, using scientific tools and resources.

“Do not establish a task force to cover up a government cover-up. As a former member of a government task force, I know how long it takes for an investigation to be completed and classified. It takes years and taxpayer money,” Jim Wright, of the Truth Is Out There advocacy group told CNN.

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