Why Drake and his friends don’t need the Grammys

Just because you’ve won awards doesn’t mean you have to win awards.

Every now and then you’ll hear somebody proclaiming how they’re never going to do anything because they won the Oscar, or best actress, or best picture.

It’s not because they don’t think they are worthy – there are a lot of people out there who feel they haven’t been rewarded, and feel that the Oscars aren’t the place to play. They don’t need to win awards. They’re smart enough to realise that.

That’s why Meek Mill is currently in jail. He’s appealing his conviction, and just because you win an award, doesn’t mean you have to do what you want.

Even Drake and his friends are on board with this philosophy, as evidenced by his new diss track aimed at Cardi B. Which begs the question – why didn’t he beat her on the Grammys? And how did he decide to attack her in such an early morning video?

Not only that, but he didn’t even pick up his Grammys because he didn’t want to deal with it. Either because he was determined to be a loser and bemoaned how they made him miss his flight for his family and missed his daughter’s birth, or because he was refusing to compete with other musicians of a similar ilk.

It’s sad to see. For every award-winning artist like Drake, there are many-lenty who don’t care about any sort of accolade or award. They just want to do their music and nothing else.

Many of them won’t even receive award nominations, and are more or less ignored by the industry entirely. It’s an ongoing battle with various awards juries and the Recording Academy over the years.

But when you are a people-pleaser, it doesn’t feel good to be treated like a loser. To have your private thoughts — and poems and music – rejected by the people who were supposed to represent and represent the music industry. It’s painful, and it’s “meh”.

Even if Drake felt that his music was important enough to win an award, I question his reasons for not accepting the awards. Why waste so much energy responding to petty digital back-and-forths with a collective that already knows it is a genius rapper?

And it seems that all of his fellow musicians are on board with this attitude. Kanye West came up with a brief idea for his album Ye, which he eventually dropped out of.

The proposal was to make a “Grammy” album using more than 20 of his collaborators from around the world, including Colin Kaepernick, Lady Gaga, John Legend, Beyonce, and JAY-Z.

But Kanye’s idea met with heavy backlash from Grammy voters, who immediately slated the rapper for being “unprofessional”.

And that’s when Kanye’s good friend and fellow rapper Kendrick Lamar had to defend Kanye’s courage by stating “he’s [Kanye] not afraid to speak his mind.”

Which is the truth, of course, but it also further makes the case for why you need to stand by your artistic convictions and not bow to people who want to make you feel like a loser.

Vipul Chhajlani is a graduate of London Metropolitan University and runs full-service television & music PR agency Media & Communications.

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