Will the Instagram ‘controversy’ hit makeup brands next?

Right now, everyone has their eye on the YouTube filter down and the app with all of the noise that it has been generating. The TikTok Controversy might be the latest of many, but some feel that the backlash against the app’s pre-roll ad might be overblown. The ads, meant to be cheeky, which ends in a woman receiving spray-tan, might be making a brand who was already in trouble look bad.

So, if the brand is having a bad week, does that mean that makeup brands will feel that way as well?

Apparently so.

CNN host Carol Costello recently took a trip to the time-tested Tipp-Ex strike zone, in honor of Women’s History Month, to see which brands get more disapproving looks than others. Specifically, she chose to criticize Chanel, too many mentions of Kate Middleton and more use of the word “disgusting” to describe the contour technique.

We’re glad to see the makeup industry responding to the criticism. In an email to the Weekly, the company wrote, “In 2018, Chanel is working hard to push beauty even further away from traditional, understated tactics and focusing on innovative technologies that create an even more unique, thought-provoking and personal experience.”

We’ll be looking at the influencer recommendations carefully to make sure that they stick to the brands’ mission of creating quality beauty products. But for now, this controversy might be the latest thing on many makeup brands’ minds.

Read more at The New York Times.


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